Mag. Barbara Jakel
PPP – Pre- and Perinatal oriented Psychotherapy *


Essence of Barbara Jakels insights based on clinical experience. Between science and spirituality.

(Barbara Jakel: previous Member of Scientific Committee of ISPPM- International Society of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine)

Presenting theory fundation

Before reading the following paper I would like to pronounce my invitation to the scientists to view this working concept from the perspective of a new paradigm within the science, which is related to Quantum Physics, Theory of Complexity and Epigenetics. The integration of a new paradigm in sciences could be compared with the process of implantation in the womb. The mothers organism uses to reject the own eggcell after conception, because as a fertilized cell it is fundamentally changed. Only openess towards the Unknown New allows to accept the new life; growth processes and birth will get possible.

Quantum physicis teaches that there is no physical substance inside atoms; subunits that comprise atoms are made out of powerful invisible energy vortices, of not tangible matter; it is a strange form of energy, not physical. Molecules, which are made up of atoms, are vortices of energy; cells, which are made up of molecules, are also vortices of energy, human organisms, which are made up of cells are vortices of energy, too. This implies a fundamental shift in viewing the human destiny: accepting, that we are human beings connected to the dynamic energetic field of the universe, we are no longer isolated, powerless individuals, but interconnected and powerful.

Complexity Theory as Post-Newtonian new paradigm of science emphasizes the significance of emerging phenomena of nonlinear, adaptive, self-organizing and complex systems. The paradigm of complexity results from development of nonlinear methods within sciences. Complexity model can lead to the central conclusion, that each element of the system can be interpreted only in context of the Whole. Thus the separation between the natural science and humanities can be overcome on epistemological level. Whether ripple- wave nor matter define the context, but the method of the observer. Even the most accurate research of matter cannot lead to description of waves, similarely no data from natural sciences can describe spiritual phenomena. (Pascal: If stone falls into the see, the whole see will be changed).

Epigenetics concentrates on the question, what is controlling the fate or health of the cells. According to the Mind-Body- Biology (B.Lipton) the destiny of the cells are a complement to their enviroment. A human being is a community of living organisms, the cells. Based upon our instincts and life experiences the mind makes an interpretation, a value judgment, related to survival; thus body can provoke to engage in a positive growth responce or a life- sustaining protection mood in order to regulate the cells`behavior.

To introduce these elements of the theory foundation is like trying to explain how body and soul are interconnected within the complex system of the universe hidden in the human organism.

It functions as well inside the cell as microorganism as outside of it: as all the subtles and energetic bodies in connection with the energy fields of the universe. The common redline of this concept is based on living experience of change. This means not only reprogramming of the subconscious mind, but especially the expansion of the spirit as the universal force uniting body and soul. In practice this power will be used for transformation on a high level; for embodiment of consciousness in each cell. This could be called Celltherapy offering acess to the cell on multidimensional levels.

The healing concept is focusing as well as classical psycho- and traumatherapy as spiritual work combining both of them in a unique way. This method of working aims reprogramming of the subcounscious mind, while spiritual work is widening the spectrum of consciousness. Linear and nonlinear aspects of work effect deeper changes inside the organism, then usually known in psychotherapy processes.

Thus the aim of such a work could be described as keys for shift from the very beginning of live, including ontogenetic and philogenetic emergence, conception, all prenatal stages of development, birth, early postnatal phases, up to mature stages of ones linear lifeline. It is related to the human trauma of embodiment, therefore also nonlinear aspects of healing should be emphasized like the impact on broadly understood energetic work.