Mag. Barbara Jakel
PPP – Pre- and Perinatal oriented Psychotherapy *



ISPPM Annual Conference 2011, Frankfurt am Main

"Pre and Perinatal oriented Psychotherapy - a concept of body and soul"

ISPPM congress 27/28.4. 2012

"The prenatal dimension in psychotherapy"
lecture:  "The practice of Pre and Perinatal oriented Psychotherapy. Illustrated case history"

International Educational Comitte:

trainer of International Diploma Coursecode ID005, 2013/2014:
"Self Relation, Bonding and Attachment, Theories - Pre and Perinatal oriented Psychotherapy,
an integrative method based on attachment"



Pränatale Versorgungskonflikte in der Behandlung von Essstörungen aus der Sicht von PPP (Prä- und Perinatal orientierte Psychotherapie)
In: Int. J. Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine Vol. 21 (2009) No. 3/4

Le radici prenatali dell'atteaccamento in psicoterapia
Publisher: ALPES, Rome, Italy, 2010

Pränatale Wurzeln der Psychotherapie (Neuausgabe)
In: texte.psychoanalyse.äshetik.kulturkritik
Publisher: Passagen-Verlag, Vienna, Austria
→ Download: Abstract (english, PDF)


Introductory seminar of the PPP Project - 2010/11/26–11/28
There is no obligation to participate in the entire PPP project (6 modules 2011/2012)

Integrative Gestalttherapy, Arttherapy teacher, psychodynamic and  Body-Psychotherapy, as an active member of the ISPPM she is teaching and publishing about the topic of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Psychotherapy. She has created the own method named PPP- Pre- and Perinatal oriented Psychotherapy which is based on the  treatment of prenatal and birthing trauma.

Location: Austria, Vienna 1230,
Seminarzentrum/Hotel am Spiegeln, Johann Hörbiger-Gasse 30,
Accommodation: attendance incl. overnight/half-board possible, reservation to
Time: 2010/11/26, Friday, 17.00 - 28.11, Sunday, 13.00
Costs: 350 Euro - Downpayment: 170 Euro
Target group: psychotherapists
Registration by contact:, tel. 0043 1 310 00 50
Definite registration: after payment to Austrian bank account:
11.025.566 – routing code: 32000
IBAN: AT12 3200 0000 1102 5566 – BIC: RLNWATWW

This seminar outlines the draft of prenatal and perinatal centred psychotherapy for adults. The focus of attention will be early bonding processes and their influence on personality development.
The theory is based on the concept of Bipolar Self (Jakel 2001, 2004, 2008), the integrative method is the focusing  work on attachment versus primary resistance within the analytic frame. Thus early regressive moods can appear and be worked out within the transference and countertransference frame work.
The seminar introduces some introspective ways of the PPP method. Step by step it will be demonstrated, how the techniques of self- perception are functioning like body-  sensations,visualisation and its expression due to intuitive drawing focused on pre- and perinatal experiencing. Based on this material it will be analysed how the pre- and perinatal trauma can be stored and expressed at the level of implicit memory. The methodological approach focuses on body as a symbolic language of early experience. The practical aspects of  introspection will be experienced at two technical levels: with and without breathing.
Thus early trauma may be reactivated, reaching back into a pre- and perinatal period of time. The techniques of deep perceiving will be demonstrated followed by integration steps. The introspection of inner experience is followed by exploration of data which includes analysis of inner and outer perception and synthesis based on associated facts.

Supervision group seminars in Cracovia, Poland 2013:
organized by Cracovian Psychological Center SALVATE

2/3. 02. 2013
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