Mag. Barbara Jakel
PPP – Pre- and Perinatal oriented Psychotherapy *

Therapy method & special field


My therapy concept is combined of methods focusing perception of own emotions. It is important to get in contact with your Self for better understanding and acting according to your inner knowledge, instead of feeling dominated by your unconscious life. You should know that you will be accompanied by me in your therapeutic process so that your repressed needs will be seen and accepted within the therapeutic framework.

Thus you will be able to remove your former patterns of behaviour, to experience deeper changes. The main focus of my therapeutic work is to connect body sensations, inner images and verbal associations.

The aim is supporting development of one's creative abilities in order to unfold psychic process often blocked by early attachment disturbances, reaching into the birth or prebirth time. Giving priority to the therapeutic relationship the transformation of early patterns should become successful. On the assumption that the first relationship will be formed within the womb, my work is indicated for pregnant woman and clients with birth or prebirth trauma.
By accessing such early experiences disturbing imprints may be influenced in a positive way.


Pregnancy and childbirth / pre- and perinatal trauma
and furthermore:

Fear, work and education, relationship / marriage, burnout, depression, eating disorders, women's issues, violence victims, hypochondriasis, Intercultural psychotherapy, adolescents, body, crisis, neurosis, online addiction, personality disorders, Preventive Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics, religion and spirituality, pain, "self", sexuality, sexual abuse, finding meaning, stress / relaxation, dreams / dream work, separation / divorce, constraints


  • can't help yourself any more, need support
  • can't overcome live crisis or every day stress on your own
  • feel stressed, have problems with anxiety, feelings of panic, nightmares, nervousness, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, inferiority complex
  • are having difficulties with contact and relationships
  • have troubles with psychosomatic diseases like cardial arrhythmia, intestinal problems, chronical pain, sleep disorders, allergy
  • negative experiences with pregnancy and birthing like infertility, tendency to miscarriage, difficult birth or symtoms of own birthing trauma
  • want to develop your own creative potential
  • have lost orientation, your faith in supporting forces of life